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Torrent duck, a species of the family Anatidae. Torrent frog, various unrelated frogs. Torrent robin, a bird species. Torrent salamander, a family of salamanders. Arts and entertainment edit. Torrent 1926 film, starring Greta Garbo. The Torrent 1921 film, film directed by Stuart Paton. The Torrent 1924 film, film directed by William Doner and A. The Torrent Le Torrent, 2012 Canadian film directed by Simon Lavoie. The Torrents, a 1955 Australian play.
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1 point 3 years ago. Thank you soooo much, I've' been getting frustrated trying to find music torrents. This site is great. Continue this thread. 1 point 3 years ago. Thanks for the heads up. 1 point 3 years ago. But it's' search engine is horrible.
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A torrent file can also contain additional metadata defined in extensions to the BitTorrent specification. 2 These are known as BitTorrent" Enhancement Proposals" Examples of such proposals include metadata for stating who created the torrent, and when. Draft extensions edit.
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Thats where Torrent stops as a basic, simple torrent app. BitTorrent continues by promoting legal music and video torrents by independent artists. BitTorrent is decent for music discovery as well as torrenting. Torrent is better for a simpler torrent app.

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